August 2017, work in progress.

And the restoration of the Roerich’s workshop begins! August 2017.

Helena Roerich spent the summer of 1930 in Keylong. Nicholas Roerich with his wife Helena were here both summers of 1931 and ‘ 32. This workshop was built for Nicholas Roerich as his rented house lacked space.

In September, we are expecting for these works to be completed, and you will be able to view the fully refurbished the Roerich’s House. Visitors will have the opportunity to attend an exhibition inside, which will be fully dedicated to Roerich works.

Locals honour Nicholas Roerich and his heritage, and are very excited about the works. Just as excited as they were back in 1932 when he first visited. This initiative was financially granted by the local authorities and international Roerich societies, and was supported by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of India.

in October 2017, there will be a grand opening of the workshop – everyone is invited! We will keep you updated on the progress of these works on the current website.